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    2018 Spring/Summer Rep Registration

    2018 Rep Registration Now Open!

    2018 Spring/Summer House League Registration

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    Click Here to Register


    The Hawkeyes Store is now open but only until June 15th.  Orders should be delivered to the GMs the week of July 9th.


    Please note that as the Child Fitness Tax Credit was eliminated as of the 2017 taxation year, we will no longer be issuing letters for income tax purposes.  Please retain your PayPal confirmation and/or debit /credit card receipt or cancelled cheque as proof of payment.

    Financial Assistance Opportunities

    Looking for assistance in covering this year's fees?  Go to our LINKS section of our website for links to various opportunities.

    Oshawa Hawkeyes Football

    The Oshawa Hawkeyes are a youth football club for ages 6-19 based at Oshawa Civic Community Centre, Oshawa.

    The club has been in operation for nearly 60 years and is one of the longest running AAA football clubs in Ontario.  In that time we have had thousands of young men and women come through our program, countless of which have gone on to the CIS, NCAA , CFL and NFL.

    Hawkeyes on the Big Screen!

    Several Senior Hawkeyes made their acting debuts this past November in the short film To Live and Die in Rexdale (note: coarse language, parental guidance advised). 

    Congratulations on a job well done and a very special thank you to Riley Buchanan, Joey LaChance, Chris Brown, Xavier Watson, Mitchell Brake, Kyle Lacey, Jaired Sides, Sam Forsythe, Jacob Nicholas, Josh Broersma and Tyler James for being such wonderful representatives of the Hawkeyes!

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